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Ricky Rhodes is an award-winning writer and director of films and commercials. Rhodes has led projects for Warner Bros, Hans Zimmer, Truist Mobile Banking, Prudential, From The Earth, Acura, and Bob's Dance Shop. His social justice documentary Not Just Another Day  won multiple awards for Best Short Documentary at film festivals and was featured in a Forbes article. The film depicts the story of a Black American who was arrested for cannabis possession in the age of the multi-billion dollar legal cannabis industry. Rhodes's latest film Yellow Wallpaper is a flamenco dance interpretation of the 19th century short story, about a woman who is accused of having hysteria and forced into the controversial rest cure treatment, where she goes mad. The film is a vehicle to start discussions around the traumatic effects of postpartum depression and the medical maltreatment of women today. Read more about Yellow Wallpaper in Rhodes's Shoutout LA Article


Director's statement: In the age of the metaverse, persuasive cinema is a diplomatic tool for change.


Contact: rickyacerhodes@gmail.com

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Yellow Wallpaper
premiering soon

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