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Yellow Wallpaper Teaser - Period drama short film adapted from the 1892 feminist short story

Bob Goes Elsewhere - Music video featuring Bob's Dance Shop

Not Just Another Day - Award winning social justice short documentary

Wonder Woman 1984 - Official premiere performance featuring Hans Zimmer & Gal Gadot

Up - Acura commercial

Best Short Documentary - Deep in the Heart Film Festival - 2021.png
Official Selection Laurel 2021.png


Ricky Rhodes is a talented writer and director who is deeply committed to utilizing the power of cinema to bring attention to human rights issues. As a native Angeleno, he spent his formative years working on film sets, surfing, studying philosophy and curiously analyzing auteur cinema. Rhodes’ passion for storytelling and social justice led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Cinematography from California State University at Northridge, where he honed his craft and developed a unique style that blends powerful visuals with impactful messages.


After graduating, Rhodes co-founded the message-first media production company Planet Froth Productions, with his filmmaking partner Jordan Henderson, where he has led a variety of high-profile projects for clients including Warner Bros, Hans Zimmer, Truist Mobile Banking, Prudential, From The Earth, Acura, and Bob's Dance Shop. Rhodes’ work has been recognized with numerous awards and press features, including Best Documentary Short awards at film festivals in 2021 for his riveting social justice film "Not Just Another Day," which explores the racial injustices of cannabis possession arrests. His works has been featured in Forbes, Nowness, Voyage, and ShoutoutLA. Rhodes has spoken on film festival panels and appeared as a guest speaker on podcasts.


His latest project, "Yellow Wallpaper," is an adaptation of the classic feminist short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The film masterfully blends 19th-century period drama with psychological thriller and Flamenco dance elements to deliver a powerful message about women's rights and the devastating lineage of medical maltreatment and postpartum depression.


Above all, Rhodes believes in the art of filmmaking to create the culture we want to see in the world. Through his innovative and impactful work, he is helping to shape the conversation around important issues and inspiring audiences to think critically about the world around them.

Director's statement: We need to create the culture that we wish to see. I tell stories at the intersection of entertainment and education that lead with pathos and finish with ethos and logos. My films aim to plant a seed of a larger truth that will blossom into action towards justice.



Official Selection Laurel 2021.png
Best Editing - Oregon Documentary Film Festival - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lost River Film Fest - 2021.png
Best Short Documentary - Deep in the Heart Film Festival - 2021.png
Best Short Documentary Lost River Film Festival
Best Editing - Oregon Documentary Film Festival - 2021.png
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Phone: +1 213 210 4219

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