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In 2015, Lionel Tate was one of the 141,880 Black Americans arrested for marijuana possession. Facing a felony conviction, homelessness, and crippling debt, he strives to rebuild his life with his family, but all Black Americans remain at risk of unequal criminalization from marijuana laws in our country. Meanwhile, legal cannabis is sold medicinally and recreationally across the country and has boomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Not Just Another Day was officially selected to play more than 10 festivals, including the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, Sonoma International Film Festival, it won the award for Best Editing at the Oregon Documentary Film, and It won the award for Best Short Documentary at Deep in the Heart Film Festival and Lost River Film Festival. 


Not Just Another Day got a write up in this Forbes Article, which includes an in depth interview of the creators. The article covers the inspiration for making the film, the profound message of the story and an expose on the two sides of legal cannabis.


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The Director of Not Just Another Day, Ricky Rhodes, spoke on a panel with U.S. Senator Roland Gutierrez and U.S. Representative Erin Z about the injustices of private prisons and the racial disparity of cannabis possession arrests. Watch the video here! 

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"Not Just Another Day" World Premiere

Our World Premiere was a success! We hosted in-person and virtual event on March 13th to celebrate the film and spread the message of the injustices around cannabis possession arrests. The event involved a screening of the film, a speaker panel and a vegan soul food dinner catered by Chef Lionel Tate (subject of the documentary). All proceeds from the event went to Chef Tate to help grow his catering business!

Thank You For The Amazing Premiere!

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Here's what YOU can do to help

Sign This Petition
Legalizing marijuana would save many citizens from undeserved jail time!

How Legal Dispensaries Can Help


From The Earth is a forward thinking Cannabis company that prioritizes social justice. They created a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, From The Earth Foundation, which is working directly with anti-recidivism non-profit organizations and Lionel to bolster his community and other black communities that have been negatively effected by marijuana possession arrests.

Hire black employees into upper management. The Cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to reshape the corporate structure by including more people of color. 

Use capital to fund legislation that positively effects communities that have been negatively effected by marijuana possession arrest laws. 

Send a Pre-Written Letter
Write a letter to tell the President and your governor to grant cannabis clemency.

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