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A documentary feature film project

Unveiling the impact of human activities on manatees, Humanatee follows the underwater archaeologist and explorer Damien Leloup's journey to form an unlikely bond with these gentle giants, and examines the larger implications of humanity's relationship with species extinction. 

The Humanatee documentary short film screened at the United Nations - World Oceans Week at the Explorers Club in the ‘Manatees and Dugongs’ program on June 6, 2023.

Our Story

The Humanatee Documentary film follows the French underwater archaeologist, former member of Jacques Cousteau’s team, and manatee protector Damien Leloup as he shares his extraordinary 21-year-long friendship with the manatees. This piece weaves the beautiful human-animal relationship with the insidious forces that have wiped out much of the manatee population, leaving just 6,000 worldwide. Humanatee features prominent ocean and manatee experts including Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. James Powell, Pat Rose, and Joyce Kleen.

Join us in sharing this epic tale that chronicles the importance of manatees existing in our natural world and their uncanny intelligence and similarities to humans. The Humanateam is searching for partners to support the creation of the documentary feature film. The Humanatee feature film deck is available upon request. If you're passionate about protecting manatees and want to be part of this expedition, reach out to:

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