Yellow Wallpaper

A curious woman is forced into the controversial rest cure by her doctor husband, where she goes mad. 

Yellow Wallpaper is a 19th century period drama and psychological thriller with Flamenco dance elements and a powerful message about women's rights. The short film was adapted from the 1892 short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.


We aim for the film to start discussions around the traumatic and unspoken effects of postpartum depression and the medical maltreatment

of women today. 

The film stars Marina Elana and Quenten Kirby. Elana is a professional Flamenco dance performer and the inspiration for the film. 

Yellow Wallpaper was  adapted and directed by Ricky Rhodes. Learn more about the director and the film in the Shoutout LA article

We're raising capital to finish post-production and submit to film festivals. Email us to discuss your opportunity for an EP credit on Yellow Wallpaper. 

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Marina Elana as Charlotte (unnamed in the short story)
Quenten Kirby as John
Allison Shrum as Jennie

Screenplay Adaptation Writer / Director – Ricky Rhodes
Producer / Creative Director – Jordan Henderson
Producer – Maggie Brown
Producer – Walter Haas
Production Manager / Art Coordinator – Bronwyn Adams-Cohen
DP – Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Steadicam – Dae Kyun Kim
1st AC – Aaron Rosene
Key Grip – Natalie Coyne
Gaffer – Connor Bjornson
G&E Swing – Corey McKinley
Sound – Neil Bagley


Production Designer / Art Director – Bijan Souri
Wallpaper and Art Designer – Antoinette Adams
Co-Art Director – Perry Powell
Construction Coordinator – Elliot McMillan
Hair & Makeup – Alex Smith
Hair & Makeup – Catherine Robinson
Choreography – Marina Elana
Wardrobe – Nicole Fitch
Woman in the Wallpaper Costume Stylist – Cindi Tucker
Editor / 2nd 2nd AD / Additional 1st AC / DIT – Lauren Musgrove
Camera Assistant – Mya-Breyana Morton
PA – Cape Sandlin
PA – Wil Ledbetter

Jay Paul Maddox
Carriage Driver

Russian Arm
Gravity Productions

Russian Arm Driver
Jared Tyree

Russian Arm Jib Operator

Special Thanks:
Dani & Tom Brown
Jay Paul Maddox
SouthEast Alabama Dance Company
SouthEast Alabama Acting Company
Antique Attic
Mary Alice Veale
TriState Graphics
Taylor Garza
Susie Fitch
Georgia Prop Source